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    Symetrix EDGE FRAME
    Kysy tarjousta
    Edge Frame: The flexibility to accommodate multiple audio I/O cards: analog, AEC, telephone, AES-3 digital.16 ch In/Out (4 card slots) + 128 ch Dante.
    Symetrix RADIUS 12x8 EX
    Kysy tarjousta
    Open Architecture Dante Scalable DSP. 12 mic/line in, 8 line out + 128 ch Dante; ARC-WEB.
    Symetrix RADIUS AEC
    Kysy tarjousta
    A complete audio AEC solution in a single box. Open Architecture Dante Scalable DSP
    1,010.00 €(Alv 0%)
    1,252.40 €(Alv 24%)
    Expands a SymNet systems’ ability to read button pushes, light LEDs, and push RS-232 to third party devices.
    Symetrix SYMNET XIN 12
    Kysy tarjousta
    Expansion for Edge and Radius with Dante. 12 mic/line inputs, including +48 VDC phantom power, with Edge and Radius.
    Symetrix SYMNET XOut 12
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    Expansion for Edge and Radius with Dante.
    Attero Tech. BoomBOX NA4
    693.00 €(Alv 0%)
    859.32 €(Alv 24%)
    The BoomBox CobraNet Audio Interface is a multi-channel networked power amplifier for paging and background music applications.
    Attero Tech. DANTE unD32
    3,140.00 €(Alv 0%)
    3,893.60 €(Alv 24%)
    The unD32 32 Channel Dante Break Out Interface (BoB) is a 32 Channel, 1RU Dante break out interface for all types of commercial AV installations.
    Attero Tech. DANTE unD3IO
    968.00 €(Alv 0%)
    1,200.32 €(Alv 24%)