Chamsys MQ 80 MagicQ Console
MQ80 flexible lighting control with 24 universes direct from the console.

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The MagicQ MQ80 is an extremely powerful console in a small , supporting 24 universes direct from the console. The large central touch screen provides easy access to all MagicQ features and display and selection from full lighting plots.

  • 24 Universes
  • 10 Playback faders, 200 Pages
  • 20 Execute buttons
  • 202 virtual playbacks
  • Internal Ethernet Switch
  • In-built UPS
  • External monitor (can be touch)
  • Includes MIDI, Audio and Timecode input support
  • Free MagicVis visualiser app
  • Free MagicHD media player app
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

MagicQ MQ80 features the same flexible lighting control, media server connectivity and in-built Pixel Mapper found in all MagicQ consoles, and uses the same software and show formats, enabling compatibility between all MagicQ products. New shows can be loaded into MagicQ consoles running older software and old shows can be loaded into newer software.

MagicQ software features include easy patching from a library of 13000 fixture personalities, simple attribute selection and programming, flexible live lighting control and a powerful inbuilt Pixel Mapper.

MagicQ MQ80 can be connected via network to a PC or Mac running ChamSys free MagicVis lighting visualisation software for full visualisation of all the universes at no extra cost.

MagicQ MQ80 can also be connected via network to a PC or Mac running ChamSys free MagicHD media player software for output of up to 8 layers of HD media at no extra cost.

MagicQ MQ80 outputs all universes direct over Ethernet using Art-Net I, II or III, Pathport, or Streaming ACN – there is no need for network nodes. MagicQ MQ80 incorporates high reliability components, including high durability metal Neutrik Ethercon locking connectors for easy and reliable networking. As with other MagicQ consoles, the Ethernet switch is protected by the UPS, thus ensuring that both the console and the network switch maintain operation even during a power loss. 

MagicQ MQ80 features an inbuilt power supply and UPS with locking Powercon connectors that accept voltages from 110V to 240V AC. The MagicQ MQ80 has a Kensington security slot for securing the product. Both soft bags and flight cases are available as optional extras.


MagicQ consoles feature large central touch screens with 8 encoder wheels around them - this provides simple attribute and palette selection By arranging the faders, encoders and execute buttons around the central screen, they all have electronic legends immediately adjacent - you don't have to try to work out the function from a remote screen.

The 12inch wide screen provides all the information you need right in front of you without having to continually scroll around to find what you need.  Who wants to have to plug in an external monitor just to see your Plot or to view a complete Patch List?


ChamSys believes that it is important for Lighting Designers to be able to move between different MagicQ consoles and different MagicQ software versions without having complicated import and export procedures.  Nobody likes having to re-program their show just to meet a particular product version or software version.

With MagicQ it is simple.  Any MagicQ show, any MagicQ console, any MagicQ software version.

And don't forget - you can run MagicQ on your Windows PC, your Mac (native), or even on Linux.


MagicQ consoles output all their universes directly from the console - no need for external processsing nodes. When modern phones and tablets are capable of streaming HD movies, is it really believeable that lighting consoles are limited to calculating only 8 or 16 universes on board?

ChamSys doesn't try to sell you expensive network processing nodes.  

The console is complete, fully functional, outputs all universes - one item, one price. 

We test our consoles with every channel patched and executing cues to prove that the consoles are more than capable of meeting their specified performance.


MagicQ includes the free MagicVis visualiser - a fully featured visualiser with full gobo and beam rendering, objects, media feeds, moving trusses, programmable camera, plots and automated reports. MagicQ includes the free MagicHD media player - supporting up to 8 layers of full HD media playback. MagicVis and MagicHD run natively on Windows, Mac or Linux.


ChamSys does not believe in rules.  We want to make it simple. 

You want to use your own Art-Net or sACN interfaces with all the MagicQ console universes?  No problem.

You want to add 8 Extra Wings to a MagicQ system?  No problem. 

You want to transfer your old MQ100 show to a new MagicQ Stadium console running latest software?  No problem.


  • Quick and Easy to Program

  • Fully Featured Theatre Stacks

  • Advanced Media Server Support

  • Fixture Morphing & Cloning
LED Pixel Mapping

  • Fixture Plot View including Target Focus
Powerful PC/Mac Show Editor
  • Fixture, FX and Gel Library
In-built Fixture Editor
  • Fixture morphing and cloning
  • Tracking / non-tracking option
  • Rainbow colour picker (CMY, RGB, HSI)
Individual fade times on any channel
Easy fanning of parameters and times

  • Configurable faders - HTP, LTP, speed, , masters

  • Theatre mark cues, split fades and inhibit masters
  • Client/Server network architecture
  • Multiple console playback tracking
  • Multiple console programming
In-built Web Server

  • Remote console control

  • Visualiser support (including patch transfer)

  • Architectural Zoning and Day/Date support
  • In-built UPS (~15 minutes)


  • Universes: 24

  • Channels: 12288

  • Number of fixtures: Up to 12288

  • Cues: 5000

  • Cue stacks: 2000

  • Palettes: 4096
Groups: 5000

  • Numbers of shows: Virtually unlimited
Media server support: 50 (each different content)

Encoders: 8

  • Faders: 13
Direct DMX ports: 4
Network ports: 4
External monitor: Up to 1920x1200
USB ports: 6 (including 1 on front panel for easy access)
Audio input (1 channel, 7 band)

  • MIDI Notes in/out
LTC input
  • Inbuilt UPS

  • Variable Speed Fan
Dual Colour Desk lamp
Illuminated soft buttons

  • Dust cover
  • Power input: 110 to 240 VAC
Width: 570mm
Depth: 405mm
Height: 110mm

  • Weight: 8kg
Flightcased Dimensions:

  • Width: 660mm

  • Depth: 505mm

  • Height: 235mm

  • Weight: 20KG
Padded Bag Dimensions:

  • Width: 640mm

  • Depth: 460mm

  • Height: 225mm


Kari “Jesu” Toppari
0500 775 885